Common Fee Schedule



Schedule of Charges

Effective May 08, 2017 


Insufficient Items (NSF)

(Checking or Savings/ Paid or Returned)

33.00 each

Overdraft Protection

(Auto Transfer Fee)

8.00 each

Stop Payment Orders

30.00 each

Cashier’s Checks

5.00 each

Wire Transfers (Incoming)

15.00 each

Wire Transfers (Outgoing)

25.00 each

Return Items (Chargebacks)

5.00 each

Collection Items (Drafts or Checks)

10.00 each

Telephone Transfers (Not Automated)

2.00 each

Fund Transfers

(24 hour Telephone Banking or Internet Banking)


Account Print-Out

3.00 each

Online Banking Password Reset/Unlock

(After 2 Per Year)

5.00 each


25.00 each (plus legal fees)

Hold Statement Fees

2.00 per month

Copy of Periodic Statement

5.00 each

Check Photocopy

1.00 each

Account Research

25.00 per hour

Minimum fee of 25.00

Account Research Paper Copies

1.00 per page

Account Reconciliation

25.00 per hour

Minimum fee of 25.00

Temporary Checks


Account Closing

(Within 90 Days of Opening)


ATM Transactions- ASB Location


ATM Balance Inquiries- Other Locations

1.00 each

ATM Withdrawals- Other Locations

1.50 each

ATM Replacement Card

5.00 each

Night Drop Key

1st- Free

Night Drop Extra Key

5.00 each